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Rainbow Child Foundation announce Charity Certification

The rainbow Child foundation is delighted to announce that we have finally received our own charity number (CCTM Certificate Number 2009/09/0052.) 
We would like to take this opportunity to thank charities trust for all the years we operated under their umbrella, and all the people who helped make the rainbow Child Foundation what it is today. Thank you
We look forward to the future, and the amazing help we will offer children around the world.
Yours faithfully

This is the confirmation from the Charity Commission.
Dear Trustee, 
Registered Charity Number: 1158348 – RAINBOW CHILD FOUNDATION 
We are pleased to confirm that we are satisfied RAINBOW CHILD 
FOUNDATION is established for charitable purposes only for the public 
benefit. It has therefore been entered onto the Register of Charities with the 
Registered Charity Number 1158348. The decision to register RAINBOW 
CHILD FOUNDATION was based on the information supplied during the 
application process. 
What to do now:
The charity's details will be available for public viewing on our website within 
48 hours. It is essential that you check that all the details on the register of 
charities are accurate and kept up-to-date by requesting a new password to 
access our online services. A Registration Certificate can also be downloaded 
from our website once a password has been obtained. 
Registration is just the first stage of a potentially long journey for many 
charities. As a trustee, you should use our website to notify us of any 
changes and comply with your legal obligations. This includes filing accounts 
or completing the Annual Return, selling land or changing the purposes of the 
The trustees' duty to operate their charity for the public benefit
In applying to register RAINBOW CHILD FOUNDATION as a charity we have 
referred you to and you must have regard to our public benefit guidance: 
Charitable purposes and public benefit. 
Our public benefit guidance includes the Public Benefit Framework, and our 
guidance on public benefit: running a charity (PB2) explains about carrying 
out the purposes of a charity for the public benefit. 
The trustees' duty to report on public benefit
Our guidance on public benefit: reporting (PB3) explains the duty on trustees 
to report on how they have furthered their charity's purposes for the public 
Operating a charity: sources of support and guidance
If this is the first time you have acted as a trustee you should read our 
guidance on becoming a trustee. In fact, even if you have served as a trustee 
before, or you are currently acting as a trustee, then it is worth a few minutes 
of your time to refresh and update yourself on: 
• your responsibilities as a trustee; 
• the trustee board’s responsibilities; 
• our trustee handbook – a guide to our online services; and
• It's your decision: charity trustees and decision making.
Our website has a huge amount of specialist advice and guidance to help 
your charity run as effectively as possible and assist in the most common 
areas that effect charities. We encourage you to refer to it.
In addition to our website, there are a number of bodies set up to provide 
advice and support to charities including some that specialise in a particular 
issue or type of charity. You may already be aware of or belong to one or 
more of these groups.Details of many of them can be found on the our 
partners section of our website. For example, for charities in England there is 
The National Council for Voluntary Organisations and for Charities in Wales 
there is The Wales Council for Voluntary Action.
We hope that you find all the services on our website a great help in the 
successful management and administration of your charity to assist you in 
achieving your charitable aims. 
Yours sincerely
Joe Proudlove

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