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PLEASE DONATE The analogy of the rainbow is that each color by itself is beautiful, but when put together in harmony they create this great spectacle we call the rainbow. At the end of the rainbow there is a treasure that treasure lies within us, we must find it and share it with those less fortunate than us. In this case ďitís the childrenĒ The children need you, we need you, and for that we thank you.

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BOOK NOW Rainbow child is holding itís annual ball at the prestigious Lowry hotel in Manchester on the 12th of November. Hosted by Caroline Feraday (Capital Radio and TV presenter), appearing on the night will be the sensational voice of Shona McGarty (Eastenders) Ray Quinn from X Factor and Dancing on ice, and the amazing voice of Christina Novelli, and of course yours truly Mr. cheeky Chico himself.

To book your tickets please contact Flora on 07951 290527.

Interview with Mark Spall from ONE

Rainbow Child trip to South Africa

About  Rainbow Child Foundation

Rainbow Child Foundation is a non-profit organization that prides itself on giving 100% of its profits to helping underprivileged children around the world. We have reached 15000 children in five years by providing schools with play pumps, sanitation, farm seeds bank, and HIV awareness programs.
Watch the video above, and see how the first rainbow child foundation pump has been installed at a school in south Africa & Malawi.

We cannot do this without your help. Please help us to help others by donating here.

Our latest trip to Malawi

Our trip to South Africa


Play pumps The play pump is an in-genius idea created by Trevor G field. Itís basically a merry go around and as the kids play on it, itís pumps clean drinking water from a borehole into a tank, and from the tank into the tap. The play pump is also used to help bring awareness for issues such as Aids, Malaria, and HIV by selling advertising space on itís billboards which in return helps for itís up keep.


Help us fundraise by putting on your own event, schools, companies, or individuals are all welcome. No matter how big or small as everything little helps. You can sponsor a play pump, sanitation toilets or a whole rainbow child village, for those who sponsor a village, we will fly them over to Malawi for a trip of a lifetime. We will name the village after you or your company, and video your unforgettable trip.


  • Rainbow child villages On our last trip to Malawi an Idea was born. The charity ďOne waterĒ took us to visit four villages, and showed us four different programs they had already implemented, so we thought why not put all the programs together and create whole rainbow child villages, by providing them with all the necessary basics of life such as water, sanitation, bank seeds, and HIV awareness programs. We provide them with a self-sustained eco friendly village. The play pumps provide drinking water so children donít have to walk ten miles a day to fetch the water, thus get an education. We also turn the toilet waste (Poo) into compost and manure to give to the farmers to grow their crops, and whatever is left is used to buy bicycle ambulances, live stock, and HIV medicine.